Important Dates

February 15th, 2017
Registration is open

April 1th, 2017
Registration closed & payments are due

April 9th, 2017
Round Robin 1 schedule
to be released

April 15th, 2017
1st game of the season (Saturday)

April 30th, 2017
Last game of Round Robin 1

May 4th, 2017
Round Robin 2 schedule
to be released

May 7th, 2017
First game of Round Robin 2

May 13th, 2017
Saturday game (Mother's day the next day)

May 21st 2017
No scheduled games - May Long Weekend

May  28st, 2017
Last game of the season

June 4th, 2017
Possible tournament (open to league members)


Welcome to the WCVSL Website

The league is into its ninth season now. It is run by three people who are passionate about volleyball: Patrick, Dave, and Kristen. It is a constant challenge to organize the league every year, but we love doing it in order to make sure people play some good volleyball before the beach season starts!

Our objective is to have as many people play volleyball in a relaxed and enjoyable environment while playing the caliber of volleyball that is suited to their levels. We encourage the creation of new teams as it creates new ties between players. About half of the teams in the spring league were created as the result of a merger of 2 or more teams from the winter league.

Our main goal: GOOD VOLLEYBALL!

See you on the court!


Recent Announcements

Hello Everyone.

We will play a minimum of four sets this year. That means that even if you or the other team won 3:0, you will play an extra set (Who doesn't like more volleyball?).

Thank you.

Your organisers

Hello Everyone.

The league uses two schools for the games:

Sorry about the confusion

Your organisers

The 2017 Spring League will kickoff April April 15th, 2017 and will run until first week of June (6 weeks and maybe a playoff day this year)

Please note that no games will be played on May Long weekend and Mother's day and Easter weekend games will be played on a Saturday.

Please continue to keep checking the website for updates on registration and other volleyball events!


  • April 15th 2017
  • April 23rd 2017
  • April 30th 2017
  • May 7th 2017
  • May 13th 2017
  • May 28th 2017
  • June 4th 2017 (Tournament open to league memebers only)



PS: final ranking are still up if you want to check where your team finished last year.

For timely entry of your games scores, please leave the scoresheet in the Spring League Box located near the Equipment overhead door.

We also appreciate if they are emailed in this format.

Thank you,