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Name Sex Phone Email Tier Pos Notes / Experience
Kaitlyn HeuringFemale2049966414kaitlyn.heuring@hotmail.com1-3Any
Brent McCaughanMale2044793499brentzilla@shaw.caAnyAnyhave over 15 years experience. prefer tiers 1 & 2 but will play others as well. Good 4 or 6 volleyball.
Tom WilliamsMale2042914104tjw1106@hotmail.comAnyAnyWCVL/WRL several years
Nicole RockeFemale2042960339nrocke64@outlook.comAnyAnyPlayed in high school, recreational
Lorne Groot Male204 803 1220ljgroot@mymts.netAnyAnyAnytime not on a team this year
Olivia ThomasFemale2049522172angelhenry14@yahoo.caAnyPwr/RSHighschool/Club/Rec
Monique FunkFemale204-864-2237mfunk2222@gmail.comAnySI love volleyball. I would need a intermediate to lower level team to play on.


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