Game Format this year (4 sets minimum)

Hello Everyone.

We will play a minimum of four sets this year. That means that even if you or the other team won 3:0, you will play an extra set (Who doesn't like more volleyball?).

Thank you.

Your organisers

Gym Locations

Hello Everyone.

The league uses two schools for the games:

Sorry about the confusion

Your organisers

2017 Registration opens soon!

The 2017 Spring League will kickoff April April 15th, 2017 and will run until first week of June (6 weeks and maybe a playoff day this year)

Please note that no games will be played on May Long weekend and Mother's day and Easter weekend games will be played on a Saturday.

Please continue to keep checking the website for updates on registration and other volleyball events!


  • April 15th 2017
  • April 23rd 2017
  • April 30th 2017
  • May 7th 2017
  • May 13th 2017
  • May 28th 2017
  • June 4th 2017 (Tournament open to league memebers only)



PS: final ranking are still up if you want to check where your team finished last year.

Reporting scores

For timely entry of your games scores, please leave the scoresheet in the Spring League Box located near the Equipment overhead door.

We also appreciate if they are emailed in this format.

Thank you,