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Name Sex Phone Email Tier Pos Notes / Experience
Brent McCaughanMale2044793499brentzilla@shaw.ca1-3AnyYears of experience at a high level.
Ashley Female2044716446ashleyplettevans@hotmail.com10+S
Jamie Lynn BuenoFemale431-996-3839jlbueno27@gmail.com3-5PwrWCVL tiers 5 and 10. Toronto Volleyball Central - competitive coed, PWR.
Selena LevandoskiFemale2045095535Selena.levandoski@hotmail.com6-8Pwr/RSWCVL tier 7 player
DanielleFemale2042311021dancor28@shaw.caAnyAnyPlayed on tier 19 on the other coed league. Would like to be on a roster as a sub
Nicole RockeFemale2042960339nrocke64@outlook.comAnyAnyPlayed in high school, recreational
Ryan LawsonMale204-999-9132ryan_lawson6@hotmail.comAnyAnyPretty Alright. Prefer tier one but will play anything. Thanks
Brook-lynn McIvorFemale204-801-1307brooklynnmci_@live.comAnyMI love playing and I just want to play with people who love and value volleyball as much as I do. I'm at an intermediate level.
Jyles KlassenMale204 384-9050theKlassen@gmail.comAnyM6'5. Played high school and club. Been a while since I played competitively. Down to work hard and have some fun
Leanne TaylorFemale204- 296-9615leannemtaylor8@gmail.comAnyPwrI played power and middle in on my club team. I would be happy to play at any level and I am comfortable with 5-1 and 6-2 positioning.
Ron WierckxMale204-558-6309ronwierckx@gmail.comAnyPwr/RSCurrently play in wcvl, wmvl and rec volleyball.


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