WCVSL Executives

Patrick Cadieux (League creator & Exec)
Patrick has been involved in volleyball since his move to Winnipeg in 1998. His first attempt at organizing was in 1998 when he created his first men's volleyball team to join the WMVL. Since 2007, he created and ran 5 different and successful league teams and organized over 30 senior volleyball tournaments. Creating and running the Spring League was a logical result and a new found passion.
His passion is organizing and is a way of giving back to the volleyball community.
He currently plays in team of Low Ballers in the WCVL.


Dave Cavallin (League Exec)
Dave is a Volleyball passionate. If he could have a tent on a court and live there, he would. His experience in project management will be used as an asset in helping the league grow.


Steve Dupont (Site coordinator)
Everyone knows Steve! He is our friendly face in the volleyball world! He is also very passionate and a solid player. He has also ran a few tournaments.




Past Exec Members/League Builders:

Agata Janczak (Coordinator & Exec)
Agata Joined the WCVSL Organizers in 2010. Agata has also been involved in volleyball in multiple ways since 2004. From running teams to running tournaments to presiding the board of directors for the Winnipeg Coed Volleyball League (WCVL), the Volleyball Manitoba Association and now also the WCVSL to being an MVOA official, she has seen it all. She is a very dedicated player and organizer and she is always ready to find solutions in order to make the organization run more effectively. Her expertise in organizing and managing are unmatched and very valuable to the league.

Kristen Cavallin (League Exec)
Kristen is almost the same as Dave. She enjoys the game and wants to use her knowledge in business/finance towards helping the league.