WCVSL League Rules

RULES - 6's

WCVL rules are in effect except the following 5 differences:

  1. A two-man (side-by-side, males) blocks are allowed only if a man is hitting. Any attempt to have 2 men (side-by-side) block if a woman is hitting will result in an automatic fault, even if none of the blockers touch the ball.

  2. Subs eligible: same tier or lower. (except for playoffs, players have to be listed on the roster, no requirement of matches played)

  3. Matching Jerseys are NOT required.

  4. Points are awarded for every set won.

  5. Teams can be composed of a maximum of 3 Males and there is no minimum of players. As example, the following combinations are allowed: 3M/3F, 3M/2F, 3M/1F, 3M/0F, 2M/4F, 2M/3F, 2M/2F, 2M/1F, 2M/0F, 1M/5F, 1M/4F and so on...Just as long as there are 3 guys Max on the court.


With 5 players:

  • Teams shall alternate M/F ie. m-f-m-f-m or f-m-f-m-f
  • The team shall have 3 in the front and 2 in the back and rotation shall be kept and a new person, in rotation order, shal come in the front row every rotation (ie, the same 3 players can't stay in the front).
  • Serve rotation shall be kept.
  • Switching to a different position after the serve is allowed, just like playing 6's, just as long as the players in the back row stay in the back row and players in the front row stay front row (except for 4s).
  • Same blocking/hitting rules in effect (see above)

With 4 or Less:

  • The serving rotation shall be kept. Players DON'T have to rotate and keep positions.
  • Same blocking/hitting rules in effect (see above)

Teams shall never have more than 3 male players on the court.


RULES - 4's

Addional rules for coed 4's:

  • No Open-hand tipping in front of the 10ft line (bumping, roll, dink, set allowed).
  • Teams are composed of MAXIMUM 2 male players and 4 total. (ie 1M/3F, 2M/2F, 2M/1F, 4F)
  • Players don't need to rotate, just server has to rotate players.
  • No screening on serve. (just like beach volleyball)
  • **when setting over the net on first or second contact the path of the ball must be perpendicular to the line of the shoulders; 

OTHER RULES (reminders)

  • All matches are best 3 of 5, Minimum4 sets
  • NO CAP ever!
  • Men Hit back row, Women hit anywhere.
  • A man cannot contact the ball above the plane of the net if it is to send the ball on the other side of the net.
  • Everyone playing, including subs must be on a roster.
  • As determined by a poll in the 2015 season the roof is considered out of bounds.



  • After each round robin, first team of each tier will go up a tier and last team of each tier will go down a tier


Should 2 or more teams be tied for a position by points, the following will be used to rank teams. (in order)

  • Head to head (whoever beat the other will be ranked higher)
  • Sets won/sets lost ratio
  • Points for/against ratio
  • Coin toss


Reporting Scores

Best way to send in scores (see below):

From: Team Captain <good_captain_is_reporting_scores@hotmail.com>
Subject: 6's - Tier 1
Date: 04/29/15 11:13
To: Spring Volleyball <wcvsl@shaw.ca>

Blazers - 1
Balls Deep - 3
(only sets are required - no need for points)