Hello Everyone. As you are all much aware by now, there are no activity of any sort happening because of the virus thing.

We can't even pull permits with the school division.

We are hoping this will be resolved soon! We will keep you posted.

In the meantime, do what you can to stay healthy and prevent infecting others as much as you can. (especially the elderly)

Talk soon,

Patrick, Dave and Steve.

Waiver to be signed

Hello everyone.

We know it's late in the season, but could you please get your players to fill out the waiver. It's under the Waiver tab in the top right of the website.  It is for your protection as well as ours. The insurance policy we have requires this and will not be in effect if you don't sign it. Then it gets complicated for everyone. :-)

Thanks or your understanding!


Game Format this year (4 sets minimum)

Hello Everyone.

We will play a minimum of four sets this year again! That means that even if you or the other team won 3:0, you will play an extra set (Who doesn't like more volleyball?).

Thank you.

Your organisers

Gym Locations

Hello Everyone.

The league uses two schools for the games:

Sorry about the confusion

Your organisers

Reporting scores

For timely entry of your games scores, please leave the scoresheet in the Spring League Box located near the Equipment overhead door.

We also appreciate if they are emailed in this format.

Thank you,